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Here you can find route planner for car, as well as timetables for car ferries and fast ferries.


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Route Planner for car

If you come with your own car, you can use a route planners customers to find the shortest and easiest way.

Oslo Smøla (mangler link)

Bergen Smøla (mangler link)

Trondheim Smøla (mangler link)

Car ferry

Coming via Kristiansund there are two ferries, Seivika Tømmervåg and Sandvika Edøy. From Trondheim, only Sandvika Edøy. Time tables are available at

Without a car

For without the car it will be easiest to take flight or bus to Kristiansund and fast from there to Edøy on Smøla. From Edøy to Råket can take a bus or we arrange pickup. Alternatively, you can take flight or train to Trondheim and fast from there to Edøy.

Fast ferry

See timetables fast ferry on find route 800.

Call or email if there are any questions with regard to itinerary.